Nutritional Supplements

Yoli Better Body System is available at Optimal Chiropractic. The better body system will help patients lose unwanted weight, regain energy, focus better at work, and teaches you to improve your eating habits for long lasting results. Some patients have reported losing 7-10 lbs during their first week on the better body system. If you’re interesting in trying the better body system contact the doctors at Optimal Chiropractic.


chlorellaChlorella is one of the healthiest and most dense foods in existence. Chlorella is a single-celled, fresh water algae. Chlorella’s Cellular ReVitalizing properties are due to its diversity of nutrients, high content of chlorophyll, and chlorella growth factor (CGF). It is Independent 3rd Party Tested for Quality and Purity.
Chlorella is a great source of all the essential amino acids (complete protein), essential fatty acids, chlorophyll, vitamins and especially minerals.


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